YAMAHA FX1 Electone Organ!



Ulta-rare Yamaha FX1 Electone organ, COMPLETE with two Yamaha TX1 speakers and all accessories!

The FX1 is the top-of-the-line Electone and the rarest instrument in the entire Yamaha DX synthesizer line.  There are possibly as few as six of these in the entire world – maybe even fewer.  Here’s what Sound on Sound Magazine has to say about the Yamaha FX1:


Lest you think that (other than the DX1) all FM synthesizers were small, neat affairs, let me tell you about the FX1. This was a huge three-manual beast very much in the mould of the GX1, but based entirely on FM synthesis. If you've never heard of it, I'm not surprised. Costing £36,000 in 1986, there's only one working example in the UK, and not many more elsewhere.

Yamaha sold Britain's only FX1 to the Blackpool Beach 'Sandcastle', where it was to be used for recitals by organists such as Glyn Madden and Harry Stoneham -- names that will be very familiar to lovers of large Wurlitzers and the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Unfortunately, the Sandcastle was not a long-term commercial success so, in 1995, the FX1 was sold off to an organist living in the town. By this time it was in a bit of a sad state but, with Yamaha's assistance, the new owner restored it to something close to its original condition.

Now, I bet that you didn't know that I occasionally play at the Grand Hotel, Lytham St Annes. Well, I do... and the organist in question is a colleague of the guitarist with whom I play these gigs. So I eventually got to see and play the FX1, and what a beast it is. Most impressive of all are the motorised edit faders that jump into position whenever you recall a patch. Now that's what I call clear and intuitive FM programming!



My Yamaha FX1 was played for many years by a professional organist here in Las Vegas.  At the age of 82 he finally decided to retire the organ, and it became part of my collection.  This organ is complete with pedals, bench, and two (2) Yamaha TX1 320 watt speakers.  Also included is the ultra-rare Yamaha MDR-1 Music Disk Recorder, which allows recording and playback of organ sequences and compositions.  Here is the complete list of included accessories:

·        Two (2) TX1 320 Watt Speakers

·        Bench & Pedals

·        Original lucite music stand  (not pictured, mounts in bench)

·        Three (3) RP-1 Registration Pack cartridges (including Console Variety Pack 1)

·        Five (5) Yamaha CFD-1 Compact Floppy Disk, BLANK

·        Three (3) Yamaha CFD-1 Compact Floppy Disk, WITH MUSIC RECORDINGS

·        Two rare 11 pin to ¼” adapters, probably for Line Out

·        Original Yamaha FX1 Manual

·        Two (2) original MDR1 Manuals

·        Two (2) original Yamaha FX1 info flyers

Is it an organ?  Is it a mega-synth?  It is FM-based, but it does far more than any DX7.  It even features additive drawbars for creating Hammond-esque sounds, reverb, a Leslie effect, fantastic drum machine/sequencer, arpeggiator..  I’m not aware of any polyphony limitations.  Many sounds can be layered together to create very thick tones.  The FX1 is really, really something.

FX1 Left.jpg

FX1 Right.jpg

FX1 Front Panel.jpg

FX1 Top.jpg

FX1 Pedals.jpg

FX1 Drawbars.jpg

FX1 MDR1.jpg

TX1 Speaker.jpg

FX1 Accessories.jpg

FX1 Manual.jpg

Look at this organ in the dark, all lit up!

FX1 Lit Up.jpg



This FX1 is in quite good condition given its 25 years.  It is a very large, heavy piece, and has been carefully moved around as it was used professionally.  There are marks and scratches here and there, but as you can see in the photos, the organ is really in very good condition.

All functions (that I know of!) work and have been tested – I’ve played a lot of great music on this organ.  There is one important cosmetic problem with the organ.  The Las Vegas sun is intense and probably caused this “melting” of a few buttons:

FX1 Sun Affected Keys.jpg

These three buttons all work flawlessly, they are just a bit out of shape.

Also, I am not entirely confident that many of the motorized sliders are working properly.  I have read that they occasionally need to be cleaned in order to move, but I have never attempted this.  These are, to the best of my knowledge, the only functional and cosmetic issues with the organ.

It sounds FANTASTIC.  The bass is unbelievable, the tones are remarkably realistic.  The keyboard is velocity sensitive, and there’s even a knee lever and foot switch for adding modulation, sustain, etc.



This FX1 is located at my home in Las Vegas.  It is, unfortunately, far too large for me to keep, so it is time for me to pass this organ on to a proper collector, organist, or lucky musician.  I will not under any circumstances ship this organ!  The organ weighs 507 lbs (230kg), the pedals weigh 55 lbs (25kg), and the bench – just the bench! – weighs in at a whopping 154 lbs (70kg).  I will work with your shipping or crating company, assisting any way I can, or you’re quite welcome to come and pick the organ up yourself from my Las Vegas home.  However, you must be prepared to move this very large, very heavy organ!

Please feel free to ask any and all questions about this FX1.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as FX1s are truly rare and simply never show up for sale, so don’t hesitate!

Thank you for your time.